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Pumas Futbol Club - More than just a Club

Logo Usage

The use of the Pumas Futbol Club logo and all of its programs or events is limited to those with express written permission from Pumas Futbol Club Board of Directors. 

All logos are trademarked property of Pumas Futbol Club and any unauthorized use of any of these logos either for private use or commercial use is strictly prohibited. If any person, organization or company violates our terms of use either with limited permissions or with out permission Pumas Futbol Club reserves the right to take legal action and recover damages from the unauthorized use which can include confiscation of any and all products with any Pumas Futbol Club owed logos and monetary damages.

If you would like to apply for use of the Pumas Futbol Club logo(s) please send an email to Heather at [email protected] or Coach Chile at [email protected]